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Weekday and Sunday editions regularly feature front pages with content boxes on the upper part of the page detailing news inside. The physical width of the paper has been reduced in recent years as well, a trend throughout the newspaper industry. Criticism and controversies[ edit ] Political leanings[ edit ] The Plain Dealer has been criticized by liberal columnists for staking out generally conservative positions on its editorial page, despite serving a predominantly Democratic readership base.

In , the editorial board voted to endorse John Kerry ; after publisher Alex Machaskee overruled it, ordering the board to write an endorsement of George W. Bush , editorial page editor Brent Larkin managed to talk Machaskee into withholding an endorsement. The paper had also been accused of being too soft on Sen. George Voinovich , and in the election cycle for the U.

Eric Fingerhut , a Democrat. State Senator Steve Austria called it abuse of the media access privilege, saying publishing these names would threaten the safety of the men and women who obtain these permits. The decision to compel the reporters to reveal sources was seen in the news media as a license to go after reporters and newspapers in the courtroom for not revealing confidential informants and a violation of the trust between reporter and said informants. Clifton was vilified in the news media as "having no backbone" and he himself even admitted that people could refer to him as "chickenshit.

The story turned out to be on former Mayor Michael R. The second withheld story has yet to be revealed. Pfeifer subsequently removed Saffold from the case. John Kasich, a Republican, showed up at the debate without a tie and largely ignored his main rival, Democrat Ed FitzGerald.

Kasich went so far as to refuse to admit he could hear the questions of FitzGerald, who was sitting next to him, and instead insisted that a reporter repeat them. The resulting video was posted on cleveland. A few days later, however, it was removed. Shortly after the video was posted, the Kasich campaign contacted him and said it had not been aware a video would be posted online.

Quinn eventually decided that his failure to explicitly explain the presence of a video camera was unfair. Further, "I thought that if I stated my reasons, the obvious next step would be people going to the candidates and asking them if they had any objection to putting the video back up," Quinn is quoted as saying.

The paper does not operate its own editorial website. Northeast Ohio Media Group runs a separate website for the business side of the newspaper, including advertising. The Sun Newspapers are the largest chain of paid weekly newspapers in the country. The quality of the site as well as other Advance Internet sites has been criticized by the staff, newsroom staff and locals.

The feature was produced in conjunction with its creator, the Tampa Bay Times. Four years later, the relationship was ended. Although the operation had generated criticism, the decision to drop it was attributed instead to a desire to keep all content on cleveland.

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