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Yes, it is quite unnerving moving to one of the most conservative countries in the world. Yes, it is a little odd being arrested for just walking next to someone of the opposite sex. But there is a hidden subculture that easily allows you to date and enjoy your time with a special someone in the kingdom. First of all, dating in Saudi Arabia is nothing like in the west. This is how they are raised to think, and this is what you must respect.

A typical Saudi male look, beard trimmed, good complexion. This is actually a model from nearby Dubai who was ordered to leave Saudi Arabia for being too handsome.

Ok, I kid, but Saudi men can get very possessive and jealous. A second thing I need to point out is tribal thinking. Gossip can last for years in Saudi Arabia. Dating in Saudi Arabia: The women, especially, are quite sensitive, almost naive.

I recommend you never try to take advantage of them, as it can backfire and cost you dearly. The punishment for sex outside of marriage is a hefty number of lashes. Do notóabsolutely do notódate a married woman and some may try to approach you. The punishment for adultery is death. Okay, so warnings aside, how does one start dating in Saudi Arabia and possibly find love in an exotic kingdom?

Social Media Saudi Arabia has one of the highest worldwide ratios of twitter and facebook users when compared to population. Remember, their family or tribes may lose face. She may be viewed as a woman trying to attract men and shame her family. You will often see the picture of some flower or artsy pic instead on her profile. Most Saudi girls that travel outside the kingdom are liberal at heart and will not wear the veil, instead choosing trendy designer clothes.

This is one of the TV host, but it gives you an idea of what they would wear and their style. If you are looking at dating in Saudi Arabia, you should set up a twitter and facebook account which clearly states which city you are in, and where you are from. You can then do a global search for people in your area and message away. It is very unusual for a Saudi not be married past the late 20s.

If you do encounter one that is older than 30, be careful. They may be married and will never tell you. Embassy Parties An expat living in Saudi Arabia should immediately register with their embassy and ask for a list of events. All embassies usually throw parties at least once a month. These parties also serve alcohol, which is one of the easiest ways of getting alcohol in the kingdom.

Western Embassy parties are fun and facilitate dating in Saudi Arabia since veils are not allowed, and you will meet both men and women that are open-minded. You may also meet potential dates from your own home country, or another country. A word of advice: You may need to speak to an embassy employee or fellow countryman in the kingdom and ask them to add you to the list, since these parties are by invitation only.

Some countries automatically add you to events when you register with the embassy. The Malls A little more direct, but highly effective, is meeting your future lover in a mall. Dating in Saudi Arabia is really no different in this respect, but there are a few things you should keep in mind. First of all, you are not legally allowed to just walk up and talk to a girl. Secondly, Saudi girls usually walk around in groups.

Thirdly, dress to impress. Saudi girls at a mall event. There really is a science to the mall approach. You should make continuous eye contact, but be wary of mall security at the same time. Follow the group or, if they are following you, make sure you occasionally make eye contact to signal interest, and then go somewhere discrete, like a unisex store.

Stay very close and smile. The important thing here is how you look your clothes , eye contact, and the lead away from open public areas. Be discrete and save your questions for the coming phone conversation. Due to social restrictions, a lot of introductions are done this way. You just need to be open to the idea and accept the invitation. You may even lose their friendship. Hotel Restaurants Despite the high price tag of hotel restaurants, many of these have weekly co-ed brunches.

This is more of a group environment, so I would advise bringing someone with you. Dress your absolute best and make occasional eye contact and smile. Between all five of these methods, you should easily be able to meet that special someone. Before you get involved with any man in Saudi Arabia, read my post on being a woman in Saudi Arabia. If you decide to meet, the best place is your place. Another way is to invite them to an embassy party as your guest, or to go to a liberal co-ed restaurant, usually found in hotels.

Family also matters greatly to both men and women in Saudi Arabia , as does religion and God. Modern Saudis are very tolerant of other religions, but not of atheism.

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