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All Girls Want Bad Boys: Emmet ultimately ends up winning her over in the end, though. Albeit her hair is not fully dark.

A lesser form of the trope, but the whole "trying to shut her emotional problems by gaining skill" deal is still there, as Emmet notices.

However, she gradually grows more sympathetic towards Emmet and impressed with his crude yet ultimately successful creations. Seen using one briefly during the climax.

According to Vitruvius, Lucy has had a history of insecurity which includes changing her name many times, telling no one her real name, not even her boyfriend Batman. Her real name is Lucy. She reveals this to Emmett during their attempt to disarm the Kragle. Good Is Not Nice: She does this the first time Emmett sees her, naturally in slow motion. I Have Many Names: Darkstorm, Gemini, Neversmile, Freakface, Snazzypants, etc.

I Just Want to Be Special: She sought out the Piece of Resistance because she wanted to be the Special, but the seemingly less qualified Emmet found it first, much to her frustration. Her first appearance has her covered in an Alex Mercer-esque hoodie. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: She may consider Emmet to be little more than The Load , but underneath that guise is a truly sweet and lovable person with the name of Lucy. She appears quite embarrassed of her harsh treatment of Emmet when he calls her out on it.

She giggles while she and Batman hold hands after Batman saves the group from Bad Cop. Her latest name is, anyway. Every time she introduces herself someone asks "Are you a DJ? Inverted ; she makes it incredibly obvious to any potential takers that Batman is her boyfriend. Two of them, one pink and one blue. In truth, she wanted the Special to be her, and being passed over for someone much less competent than herself burned her deeply.

Tall, Dark, and Snarky: Tomboy and Girly Girl: Batman eventually lets her. What the Hell, Hero? As a Master Builder she can instinctively identify the pieces she needs to construct anything she wants from the environment around her.

Will Ferrell Abusive Parents: No one ever told me I was special! I never got a trophy just for showing up! But as unspecial as I am, you are a thousand-billion times more unspecial than me! Badass in a Nice Suit: Wears a grey business suit with a red tie. Beware the Silly Ones: He plans to freeze the entire world, after all. So he can make things the way he wants them.

Of the villainous type. He includes a countdown and then leaves when about to kill Emmet instead of killing everyone right away while he personally keeps watch. In fact, he leaves no one in the room, except for the computer who does nothing. More points detracted when he leaves Bad Cop to die at the critical point where his plans are about to succeed instead of getting rid of Bad Cop after everything is settled. Predictably, Bad Cop helps the heroes right after.

He explicitly refers to himself as evil in the opening scene. It is also a moment of funny Now my evil power will be unlimited!

Can you feel me?! Robots in a robotic drone: We can feel you. If there is a simple option in war, Lord Business will almost always take it. His Elite Mooks are cube-shaped robots about the size of a lego car with tube arms and legs called " Micromanagers ".

Is the president of the Octan Corporation , as well as the world. Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: He even manages to kill Vitruvius via surprise decapitation. He is the second focused character after Emmet. Dystopia Justifies the Means: His goal is creating a hellish, frozen world where no free will exists.

Most notably at the beginning of the movie. It comes with the hammy-ness. Of the LEGO world. He formally upgrades to "Lord Business" when his plan is about to come to fruition. The Evils of Free Will: Even to his underlings; he threatens to throw Bad Cop out of his skyscraper in a completely conversational tone of voice.

His obsession with perfection roots from him never receiving the praise he thought he deserved. Not only that he is a cunning mastermind, he is also incredibly strong, that he is able to lift those who are as twice as heavy as he is without breaking a sweat. Realizes his mistakes at the end of the movie, goes to join Emmett and allow freedom. He also kills Vitruvius towards the climax.

Although he hates admitting it. Justified as Finn based him off of his father, who is also played by Will Ferrell. He uses super glue, golf balls, and even a penny to deadly effect. It helps that these objects are proportionally larger to LEGO than ordinary people.

Jerkass Has a Point: Rather than dispose of Emmet along with the Piece of Resistance, he decides to give him a front-row seat to the destruction of Bricksburg. He believes himself to be doing the right thing by instilling order in a perceived chaotic world, despite the obvious proof of the contrary. He has absolutely no concerns how his victims feels, even to his enemies.

He can be rather hilarious at points, but still vicious. Luke, I Am Your Father: From a certain point of view. More like "Emmet I am a representation of the father of the one who is controlling you", and it has more of an impact on the audience than on any of the Lego characters. Man of Wealth and Taste: As much as a LEGO figurine can be, anyway. Lord Business prides himself on being incredibly rich and believes his taste is the be all and end all of it.

This foreshadows the Control Freak tendencies of the Man Upstairs. He pretty much has the entire population under his hand. A Corrupt Corporate Executive named Business. He seems to treat it as a surname in combination with his various titles, and in some cut dialogue he states that he has no other names.

However, he prides himself on the height he gains when wearing his platform boots, and will loudly emphasize how tall he is to any naysayers. No Celebrities Were Harmed: The piece of resistance would make a nice addition to his collection of artifacts, but he throws it into the abyss instead. Like Emmet, he never had anyone else tell him he was special, allowing Emmet to relate to him to a degree.

His horned helmet unleashes fire. Subtlety is clearly not his forte. Who rules the entire world. However, his "President" title is a cover for his true evil personality. All he cared about was just himself, and no one else.

Red and Black and Evil All Over: His boots and helmet are both colored black-and-red, as are his robots for the most part. His "Lord Business" villain getup resembles a necktie.

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