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Good luck finding any real accounts on there. Spam and sex solicitation is about all you will get. You will not find anyone, because by then you will be too frustrated about going through all the spam and bs accounts. This past week I got a strange phone call from one of those guys. You have to filter through the garbage. I met a wonderful man on POF back in We chatted and met in person.

We hit it off real well. We got married towards end of and have been together since. The first day I was on, I started to get contacted from fake profiles, sex invites, bots everywhere, very attractive and sensual women asking for my email to start a video call. I felt harassed and molested. This site has to face all the allegations and to do something about it. They are stealing and nobody has done nothing. The cut and paste pictures are a joke. The one date I did have the woman talked on her cellphone the entire time we were suppose to be having dinner.

I excused myself, paid the bill and left her there still on the phone. So tired of the fakes and outright frauds. It would be nice to meet a lady who has most of her original teeth and does not cut her hair with a bowl on her head.

Yes, I get interest from those. I would never recommend this site to anyone. Even the men who stated they want relationships It was good for dating and hookups. But then things changed and the admins started to ban any accounts that were sexual. When I attempted to respond to people, it would say, "no internet connection" - which was garbage. So I attempted to cancel my account.

All of a sudden, I was off the site, with no way of logging back in. All PW and emails I have no longer work. I went to ask for a PW reset, it tells me the reset link was sent, but nothing came through.

So I deleted the app completely off my phone. No customer service email, nothing. They need your approval to use your likeness. God only knows what they do with your information!!!

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