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Violation of a protective court order, such as a peace bond or a prohibition order; attempted murder; and Canadian Family Violence Laws - How widespread is family violence? A great deal of family violence is not reported. The following figures, therefore are no doubt much higher Note: Canadian Family Violence Laws - Spousal Abuse "Spousal abuse" is the violence or mistreatment that a woman or a man experiences at the hands of a marital, common-law or same-sex partner.

There are many different forms of spousal abuse: Physical abuse may consist of just one incident or it may happen repeatedly. Sexual abuse and exploitation includes all forms of sexual assault, sexual harassment or sexual exploitation.

Emotional abuse includes verbal attacks, such as yelling, screaming and name-calling. Criminal harassment or "stalking" may include threatening a person or their loved ones, damaging their possessions, or harming their pets. Economic or financial abuse includes stealing from or defrauding a partner or withholding money that is necessary to buy food or medical treatment.

In recent years, a series of amendments have been made to the Criminal Code to strengthen the laws related to spousal abuse. Charges will be laid in all spousal abuse cases where reasonable grounds to charge exist. Crown prosecutors are required to prosecute in all spousal abuse cases where a reasonable likelihood of conviction exists. Canadian Family Violence Laws - Child Abuse Child abuse is the violence, mistreatment or neglect that a child or adolescent may experience while in the care of someone they either trust or depend on, such as a parent, sibling, other relative, caregiver or guardian.

There are many different forms of abuse: Physical abuse involves deliberately using force against a child in such a way that the child is either injured or is at risk of being injured. Physical abuse includes beating, hitting, shaking, pushing, choking, biting, burning, kicking or assaulting a child with a weapon.

Sexual abuse and exploitation involves using a child for sexual purposes. Neglect usually involves repeated incidents. It involves failing to provide what a child needs for his or her physical, psychological or emotional development and well being. Emotional neglect includes failing to provide a child with love, safety, and a sense of worth.

It includes acts or omissions that result in, or place a child at risk of, serious behavioural, cognitive, emotional or mental health problems. Canadian Family Violence Laws - Spanking Laws A Supreme Court of Canada ruling handed down on January 30, upholds the "spanking laws" in Canada, but for the first time, the high court has issued guidelines that say spanking teenagers or children under age 2, hitting a child in the head, or using objects like belts or rulers are actions that go too far.

In a deeply split decision, the court ruled yesterday the so-called "spanking" defence in Canadian law does not protect or excuse "outbursts of violence against a child motivated by anger or animated by frustration. If a child is determined to be in need of protection, the child welfare authorities are able to: Since the s, significant steps have been taken to address child abuse in Canada such as: This section of the Criminal Code was passed in in order to make it easier for the police to charge stalkers.

The Code states that no person shall, without lawful authority: Under the Criminal Code, you can get a restraining order or a peace bond against a person who is stalking.

The punishment for stalking can be a ten year jail term. The Findings of a National Survey," Juristat: Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics Canadian Family Violence Laws - Elder Abuse Elder abuse may be defined as "any act of commission or omission that results in harm to an elderly person".

The Department of National Health and Welfare has categorized abuse and neglect as follows: Risk factors for abuse in the victim include: Links to More Information.

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