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From there they were invited to go on safari with Former President Theodore Roosevelt , who was there to collect specimens for the Smithsonian Institution , and Frederick Selous , the best game hunter in Africa. The family traveled with Medlicot to Kirinyaga via train. Medlicot even arranged for a special seat on the front of the locomotive so that the young Jones could watch the wildlife as they traveled. On the trip to the site, Indy was captivated by the beautiful countryside and its majestic animals.

Upon arriving at camp, he hurriedly unpacked, anxious to meet his famous host. In the meantime, Medlicot showed Indy around the camp, introduced him to Heller , a taxidermist, and other members of the expedition. Left on his own, Indy wandered outside of camp. While exploring, he glimpsed a young African boy roughly his own age tending sheep. Before he had a chance to approach the boy, he was called back to camp. Indy arrived just in time to witness the arrival of his host, Teddy Roosevelt, and was suitably impressed.

Normally the animals should have been plentiful in the area, but not one had been spotted. Roosevelt was perplexed as he wished to bring a few specimens home for museums. The next day, Roosevelt taught Indy to shoot a rifle. He also gave him a pair of binoculars to explore the surrounding countryside.

He then left to go hunting. Later in the day, as Miss Seymour was teaching Indy about African wildlife, he vowed to find the oryx for Roosevelt. As he was exploring around the camp, he encountered the young tribal boy again. This time, Indy used basic sign language to introduce himself as "Indy. Indy with Teddy Roosevelt. Later that day, Indy and Roosevelt had a discussion. Indy was disturbed by the number of animals that the hunting party had already killed.

Roosevelt told Indy that the animals were going to museums so that people could appreciate nature more. After dinner and over a game of checkers, Indy told Roosevelt that he would help him find the oryx. Their discussion gets interrupted by a shot. Frederick Selous had killed a lion that was roaming just outside of camp.

While the adults congratulated each other, Indy became more disturbed. The next day, Indy was up early and went to Meto for help in finding the oryx. Back at camp, he was missed and a search commenced. Meto took Indy to the Liabon who, through pictures drawn in the sand, described the fate of the oryx. Indy headed back to camp. As night fell, he made his way across the veldt, becoming increasingly scared of the animal noises emanating from the dark.

He was finally found by one of the Askari guards. Taken back to camp, Indy was punished and not given a chance to explain. Early the next morning, Meto came to camp and he and Indy left before anyone else was awake. Meto took Indy to a place where there were oryxes. Indy then sneaked back to camp before breakfast. Over breakfast, Indy announced that he and Meto had found a small heard of oryx. Indy related the story he heard from the village elder to Roosevelt.

The snakes had controlled the population of mole rats. With no natural predators, the mole rats flourished and burrowed underground for food, eating the root melons. This forced the oryx herd to look for food elsewhere. Indy led Roosevelt and a hunting party to where the oryx herd was grazing.

The party brought down two when Indy interceded, stating that there had been enough killing. Their job completed, the hunting party packed up and headed back to civilization. Indy left Meto a goodbye gift of his binoculars.

They looked at some paintings by Edgar Degas , but Indy was unimpressed with impressionism. Afterwards, Miss Seymour took the boys to a puppet show which neither of them appreciated. They managed to convince her to let them stay for another show while she went back to the hotel to write letters. They promised to be back in one hour.

Instead, Norman promised to take Indy to where the real artists hanged out. They went to a rather disreputable-looking tavern where many artist including Degas, Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque were currently having a heated discussion about cubism. Degas was critiquing the work of Picasso. Picasso said that artists need a new way of seeing things. Degas warned Picasso not pursue this new line of work as it could ruin his career. Picasso scoffed at the warning, saying he could do what Degas does in his sleep.

Norman leaped to defend Degas, saying that no one can paint like him. Jones with Pablo Picasso. Picasso invited Norman and Indy to his apartment to watch him prove his claim.

There, Picasso posed his model and worked in pastel. When he was finished, he tossed it aside and did the painting the way Degas would do it - from memory. Norman sketched some of it in his notebook. Even though the assistant rendered some of the paintings, he said that it is the painting and not the painter that is important.

They decided to go somewhere and get something to eat. Meanwhile, Miss Seymour was frantic wondering where Indy was.

She called the police, but has little confidence in the police inspector she dealt with. Along their way to a restaurant, Picasso invited along a couple of prostitutes.

Indy thought that he should be heading back to the hotel, but Norman convinced him to stay. Picasso had the two prostitutes dance with Norman and Indy while he tried to devise a way to get Degas to sign his painting.

A fight broke out, but Picasso, Braque, Indy and Norman managed to make it out. They also talked about his new style and how Picasso was trying to give spirit some form. Before they parted for the night, Picasso invited them to a party the next evening. As Indy and Norman walked back to the hotel, they were accosted by the same two pimps, who chased them into a cemetery.

They managed to frighten them off by using an old sheet and a skull to make a "ghost. The next morning, Miss Seymour found him there. Indy told her that he was there the whole time working on his paper and must have fallen asleep, but this only makes Miss Seymour more suspicious. The next night, Miss Seymour went to bed, but locked Indy in his room. He climbed out the window and was almost killed when the gutter he was hanging on gave way. He made it safely the rest of the way down and caught up to Norman outside the party.

They went inside to find that everyone was wearing costumes. They were also introduced to Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Picasso was able to persuade another painter, Henri Rousseau , to tell a ghost story. Picasso pulled out a gun and marched Miss Seymour into another room. Once there, Picasso sketched her. She liked the traditional portrait he had done of her, but was totally impressed with the cubist version he did as well.

Kahnweiler saw it and, unaware that it is a forgery, wanted to buy it for a thousand francs. Picasso acted reluctant and said that it is not signed. At the cafe, Kahnweiler got Degas, whose eyesight had begun to fail him and thought it was one of his paintings, to sign the painting.

A delighted Picasso let everyone know that it was he who painted the picture not Degas. Norman and Indy, thinking the trick Picasso played on Degas was a rotten one, denied the claim. Norman said that it looked like a Degas and it was signed by Degas, so therefore it must be one. He split the money with Norman and Picasso. Indy told Picasso that maybe he should stay around Paris and become his agent.

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