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Without clear goals you can experience feelings of confusion and frustration and this can drain your energy and decrease your productivity. A good technique is to decide what is important to you and then write it down. By actually writing it down your thinking is clearer and you are more likely to achieve the goal.

In writing down the goals make sure that they are: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. In thinking about your goals in this way you are more likely to achieve them. Without structure life is a bit more chaotic. You then find that you use both physical and emotional energy to bring meaning and clarity to different situations.

Structure also means having the right tools to work flexibly. For this, laptops, mobile phones, remote access and flexible hours are important. To support flexibility the company needs to be well structured, with good support systems and needs to have an internal culture which supports flexible working arrangements. To be able to do this, its necessary to establish your priorities and then focus only on those tasks that advance important goals.

Those goals that will bring in high pay-off results. Activities that absorb too much time should then be simplified, delegated or eliminated. Good time management means focusing on results. When you aim for excellence you will achieve an excellent result, but when you aim for perfection you may never quite get there.

You will spend far too much time in getting it completely right, when excellent was all that was required. A good time management technique is to make appointments — with both yourself and with others. In the workplace, making appointments with people and covering several topics is more time effective than constantly interrupting others with minor details.

There are a number of books and courses on time management; goal setting; maximizing productivity; increasing effectiveness; negotiation, relaxation and stress management, and a range of providers for this training.

The techniques are not rocket science but you need to be exposed to the methodology to gain maximum benefit. I know people who when they go on holiday they take their mobiles, are in daily contact and will even leave their holiday earlier to deal with an urgent issue. In taking rewards a good technique is to focus on making money, not just saving money. There are many ways to make additional money, outside of work, such as buying and selling real estate, day trading on the share market, cleaning out your garage and having a sale, or commercializing a hobby.

With the additional money you make you can afford the reward. So, reward yourself, both at work and at home. By doing this, everything will become more enjoyable. Take the small rewards and take the big rewards — you deserve it. Also a good bed is a must — because you spend so much time there. Medical check-ups are important and there are a range of healthcare professionals to provide a comprehensive service — from physiotherapy, massages through to aromatherapy and relaxation therapy.

When working hard, all these services are valuable and cost-effective. Visualization is a technique taught by a number of practitioners. It involves determining your end goal and actually seeing, feeling, touching and experiencing the emotion of the goal. In this way you have already achieved your goal because you are actually experiencing it. Everything that you do moving forward is therefore a natural step towards achieving something that you already own.

Similarly, another technique taught in stress management is to visualize a particular place that is special to you. When you are feeling stressed, or awake at 3 in the morning, you go back to that space in your mind and start to feel much better. Enjoy the tasks, the people, the environment and the opportunities. You can maximize your enjoyment by undertaking a number of professional development courses. Your enhanced knowledge and understanding will increase your control and with this control you will achieve a better balance.

You should only be doing those things that you want to do. Take control over your life, be true to yourself and never accept less than you want. Enrich yourself — socially, culturally and intellectually. Constantly focus on your personal development, achieve your goals and enjoy the journey.

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