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Over the decades, the alleged apparition has been blamed for a litany of phenomena, including lights flickering, radios and televisions malfunctioning, posters flying off the walls, and blankets being pulled off beds. A former Tombstone brothel, the Birdcage Theatre is supposed to be haunted as heck and they also give tours.

Plenty of folks have shuffled loose the mortal coil since it was first settled in , including the participants in the legendary O. Corral shootout and the longtime occupants of the equally renowned Boothill Cemetery.

The Birdcage Theatre a former saloon, gambling den, and brothel also saw plenty of bloodshed in its day, as 16 different deadly gunfights took place on the historic property. As such, this former house of ill repute is a hot spot for alleged ghost sightings and encounters with otherworldly beings.

In a historic town like Bisbee, you almost have to be haunted. Lauren Cusimano 26 Sowles Avenue, Bisbee This funky, two-story bed and breakfast dating back to the early years of the 20th century is a favorite of ghost hunters everywhere due to its bloody history. Per local lore, the former boarding house has been the site of numerous murders stemming from cases of adultery. One particularly grisly tale involves a cop who blew away his cheating wife and her paramour in before going on to slaughter more than a dozen others throughout the building.

Over the years, guests at the Oliver House have reported such unusual occurrences as doors and shutters closing, ghostly footsteps in the hallways, or sounds of gunshots being heard. Some spooky stories have sprung up in recent years about shadowy figures scurrying about the property, slamming car doors, kicking around rocks, or unleashing demonic-sounding screams.

However, none are as notorious as the monolithic, four-story Jerome Grand Hotel that looms over the rest of Jerome. Debuting in as the United Verde Hospital, this was where local miners came after suffering gruesome injuries while digging for copper many of whom succumbed to their grievous wounds , or where the insane were brought to be cured of their mental illnesses.

After closing in , the building reopened some 47 years later as a vintage hotel where many a visitor has supposedly been scared by visions of phantom nurses, faint cries of distress, or the odd scream or two. Your mileage may vary if you dare pay a visit to the attraction, which is located approximately 70 miles northwest of the Valley. Tom Carlson South Ash Avenue, Tempe One of the many charms of this popular haunt for ASU students and Tempe residents are all the legends that have been built up over the decades regarding its resident ghosts.

The most famous of which was a gal who lived upstairs in the former boarding house and residence built in and was strangled upstairs by her jilted boyfriend. Heck, New Times even investigated the legends for ourselves back in If you like this story, consider signing up for our email newsletters.

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