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It was the second date for both of us and we have been traveling and celebrating our good fortune every day since. The system and support they provide is directly related to the honesty you have with yourself in what you expect and are looking for in a partner.

Both of us were never interested in online dating and after much research we found that this was a much better process, as it takes many steps to assure a better match for each client that elects to use their services. We are living proof that this system works. It is a complete scam! They use high pressure sales tactics to get you to sign on the spot and they have not had any referrals for me that anywhere closely matched what I was looking for!

In over a year I only met 2 guys who were completely not my match or met the criteria I was looking for and talked on the phone with one other. I am disputing now and trying to get my money back! Do not be deseperate! You will find someone. This is not the route to take. I just signed up with them and am hopeful. This is a little discouraging to read. So hard to find a decent man online. Who sells something unaware of its cost.

I told her to call me in two weeks so I could ruminate on the idea and she tried to get me to call them. I said no and to call me. She said she would.

I hope she does! At times it was difficult in the sense I was not sure the matchmaker would actually be able to match the right person with me. It required resilience, faith in their process, and maintaining enough contact and feedback to develop a closer relationship with the matchmaker.

As a result I had several dates with terrific men and only a few that were not such a great match. Each time I gave detailed feedback either through the website or on the phone. At any rate, they were professional and respectful, kata poling me back into the dating scene and providing me with several opportunities over time. Dee and I have shared several deep conversations in which she truly listened to my feedback and interests.

In September of this past year, Dee provided me with the perfect match, an exceptional man who appears to possess every characteristic I desire. Dee called and told me she had the perfect match for me, proceeding to list the characteristics of this man, which captured my attention immediately.

Trusting in Dee, I took the referral right away. The call between Dee and I must have been under 2 minutes. It took a while for this gentleman and I to get together due to our travel schedules, however, it sure did not take long for me to figure out Dee was right! We had our first date on Our relationship has been blossoming ever since. He appears to be the perfect man for me, and Ann Arbor Singles was the catalyst.

They take your money without any regard for compatible matches. I went on a date with two women and asked them about their experiences, and they claimed that I - a normal, employed and responsible adult man - was BY FAR their best experience.

They had dates with foreigners looking for green cards via a wife, guys with no social skills, and veterans with severe PTSD no disrespect to our men in uniform. My dates went fine, but there was no connection. Take your money no security checks done. Does not establish a profile of your compatibilities prior to giving you a member to call. Does not do anything as told in your "interview" except take your money Do not join this service!

You are required to pay up front and sign legal docs so you can not request a refund or sue when the service virtually ignores you once they have your money!

They sent one supposed match my way after a few months passed who did not have even one of my "must haves". They indicated they were having a hard time meeting my requirements This place deserves no stars. The dates they did give me were not at all compatible. Curiously since I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, they now have all kinds of men who are perfect for me. They will not give you the contact info for the owner or officers of the company, how shady is that? I signed up with Detroit Singles 10 weeks ago with high hopes.

There is a 30 minute phone interview followed by a 90 minute in person interview in which you answer all kinds of questions and bring in a list of must haves vs. After this point the good service and high hopes die.

After being told how easy it would be to match me I have had no dates. The salesperson never shared it with her, that of course was not the story I was sold when signing up. Telephone Interview questions were mostly interested if 1 I have bank account; 2 is it in my name; 3 what type of bank accounts: Is it in my name? Who is listed on the title.

Interviewer continued to state they needed copies of my credit cards as valid proof of my ID. Its a sham and a shame! I read some of the negative reviews online, and it was important to me to share my positive experience. It is a scam!!! They have a great sales pitch and convince you that you will meet your special person I told them no, two days later i got another match.

In June i called and put my account on hold. I was told i could do this for 6 months. I have since tried sept oct and now nov to call and get a hold of them i have left several message and never get a return call. Every time i go to the location 3 times now no one is there. I finally got though to someone with the company, they claimed they were in Nebraska and never got any of my messages. Detroit Singles This business has not yet been claimed by the owner or a representative.

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Watch video · Online dating sites can lead to love — or danger. Ranee McKelvey of Grand Blanc met a man on the dating app Plenty of Fish who police say killed her then tried to burn the house down. 14 reviews of Detroit Singles "Yesterday Kevin and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary, after meeting through Ann Arbor Singles. It was the second date for both of us and we have been traveling and celebrating our good fortune every day since. 2/5(14).

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